Tuesday, 14 June 2011


That December of 1997, I had just played GOLDENEYE the Nintendo 64 video game on a toy store in Buenos Aires. I knew the film of the same name would be broadcasted that month on cable TV.

I was on the city of Mar Del Plata, a turistic spot of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my mom and my dad, who told me who James Bond was after he saw me playing the N64 game. On a shopping mall of that city, I saw a big cardboard poster of TOMORROW NEVER DIES. I’ve immediately recognized Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond. But I didn’t know that was another movie different from GOLDENEYE. I even told my parents “Hey, GOLDENEYE is going to premiere on the cinemas here soon.” All I remember from those holidays is that, as a 8 year old boy, I took a picture with the big carboard poster.