Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Tomorrow Never Dies Score: a Retrospective

         When James Bond returned to theaters after a six year hiatus in 1995's Goldeneye, it revitalized what many felt was a dying franchise unfit for the post Glasnost Era of the 1990's. Pierce Brosnan's debut film proved that James Bond was still relevant and that the world was in need of him more then ever. Goldeneye featured a unique music score by Luc Besson veteran Eric Serra; In the hopes that his distinct style would make for a contemporary Bond score suitable for the new era of 007. The score itself is either highly loved or looked down upon with great disdain by Bond fans. As it is a radical departure from John Barry's brassy orchestration's that have become synonymous with Bond's character as much as his tuxedo or Aston Martin. Serra's heavy techno/synthesized music created a highly unusual musical landscape for the film. In this reviewer's opinion, the unique score fits the dark Cold war atmosphere of the film perfectly. Had the score been for any other Bond film other then Goldeneye, it would have very obviously been out of place rather then fitting the tone of the film.