Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bond's 'Arms Bazaar' Outfit

        In the pre-title sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond is tasked with setting up surveillance on a terrorist market place in the snowy Khyber pass. 007's reconnaissance mission is abruptly cut short upon hearing that a missile is heading straight towards the bazaar where two nuclear torpedoes are fixed to an L-39 jet; Bond has a matter of minutes to hijack the jet and fly it to safety before the missile strikes.

        Bond's dressed to blend in among the terrorists with climate-appropriate attire. His distinct brown leather jacket was custom made by Angels & Bermans. underneath the jacket Bond wears a Navy ski- Jumper made of elasticated cotton. it is unknown whether the ski jumper is a full or half zip since its hidden under the jacket. Another detail about the ski jumper is that it is often incorrectly identified as black; But upon viewing close-ups in the film in addition to publicity photos its clear that the ski-jumper is in fact Navy. In Die Another Day Bond also wears a full zip Navy ski-jumper when he arrives at Graves ice palace. It could possibly be the same jumper reused from the Tomorrow Never Dies outfit.

     Under the Navy ski-jumper Bond wears a black polo neck made out of pure wool. The pants are green (or olive drab) military trousers that bear a continuity problem in the film. The green military pants worn by Pierce Brosnan's stunt double during the shooting in the Pyrenees have cargo pockets on them, while the outfit actually worn by Pierce Brosnan during the filming of the close-ups on the back lot have no cargo pockets.

       Bond also wears black leather gloves with button cuffs, similar to the ones worn by Daniel Craig in the end of Quantum of Solace. While on topic of Gloves, during the jet fight sequence the enemy pilot shooting at Bond is wearing US military issue Nomex flight gloves in olive drab. Although barely seen on screen Bond appears to be wearing some sort of military style boots, which would make sense given the rough terrain. The watch he wears is of course the famous Omega Seamaster Diver 300m worn by Pierce in all his Bond films. the gadgets 007 uses in this scene consist of a Dunhill QL 1402 unique sports lighter that's been modified as a grenade, and a magnetized grenade used to blow up a SCUD missile launcher. To complete his cover as a terrorist, and to have more firepower then his PPK, Bond carries a heavily modified Sterling Armalite AR-180 assault rifle.
      Pierce Brosnan on filming the Jet fight scene: "I remember starting the first day on that film in an aircraft, flying a jet... and it was 102 degrees, and I'm wearing a helmet and sweater, and then I'm being strangled over and over again, and I thought, 'Oh my God, this bloody character is going to kill me'."

by Dean Dunlevy


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