Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bond's 'final battle' commando outfit

      During the end of Tomorrow Never Dies, 007 wore a black commando outfit for the climatic fight on board Carver's stealth ship. While similar to the black commando outfit Bond wore in the beginning of the previous film, Goldeneye. Both outfits are vastly different when looked at in detail.

      The stealth ship combat gear Bond wears consists of a black military BDU uniform, a custom made tactical vest fitted with a vertical sheath holding a Gerber Mark 1 knife, and a military-style web belt fitted with a modified cordura snap top holster for his newly acquired Walther P99. Alongside his P99, Bond also wields an MP5K fitted with a PDW stock, and fastened with a 3-point tactical sling.

                              Pierce Brosnan wearing the black BDU military shirt.

                              The custom made tactical vest worn by Pierce Brosnan


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